The Watson

To make a painfully long and excruciatingly boring story short: My name is Daniel Speir. I’m a college student, manager of a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas, and in my free time, a designer and builder of light fixtures.

My love and passion for light developed one evening while I was browsing a clothing store where, suspended over the fitting room, was a light fixture comprised of ten hanging mason jars. It wasn’t necessarily an original or innovative design, but it still had an enormous impact on me -- it was the first time I truly noticed that a light fixture could be more than just functional, but unique and creative, too.

Thus began my goal to design and build fixtures that were more than just sources of light, but pieces of art in and of themselves. Sticks and Spit is my attempt to share those designs -- which I hope to be innovative and eye-catching -- for your home or workplace.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, drop me a line in the contact form. Thanks for visiting!



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